There is also a monetary reward or bonus for people who refers other people such as Friends – Family to join the MMM Community. They earn 10% of whatever amount of money they invitees use to Provide Help. These referral bonuses are paid to you in Mavros which means even your bonuses grow at 30% per-month.

Like I have earlier state, for each member you personally introduce to MMM you will receive a referral bonus of 10% of the amount for example: Your friend Mike provides help of N100,000, this means you will be rewarded with N10,000 which will also grow at 30% per-month because they are in form of Mavros which results to N30,000.

Guiders of the MMM community can create their own multi-Level Structures and get a bonus from each of the help provided or donation of every participant in their structures make.
This is a top multi-level bonus, thus a manager or guider can have his own leader whose rank is higher than his. Manager’s bonus depends on his level in the Community.
NOTE: The MMM Manager / Guider Training School is always there to welcome you. I highly recommend you to join.

Every member that receives money based on Getting Help must do “A Letter of Happiness”, which means testimony must be done for which you also receive a bonus for sharing your testimony.
  1.     5% of the amount received into your account, if you do a video shot by showing your face.
  2. 3% of the amount received into your account, if you only share a testimony without showing your face.
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