Finally decided to join the community of helpers in participating in MMM? How to go about it? It is very simple; just follow the instructions below and you are set to go.

NOTE: You need to have a link of the person who introduced you properly to MMM-Nigeria so he/she can be your guide or the persons email address. You need a working email and phone number to register on the system. Remember the guider or referral link or email address is very important.

1.                   Name: (type in your name)
2.                   Email: (provide a working email address)
3.                   Phone Number: (type your phone number)
4.                   Password: (this is your secret login password. This must be kept secret)
5.                   Invite: (
6.                   Guider: (
7.                   Guider’s No.: (+2348160872210)
8.                   How Did You Learn About Us: (from friend)
9.                   Picture Code: (type in the figures shown below)
Now tick the tiny box above the Register button.  After ticking that you now click on the REGISTER IN MMM

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