MMM-NigeriaThere are five main type of objections:

1.      MMM is a scam!
2.      Is it legal?
3.      Is it a Ponzi scheme?
4.      How can I be sure that I will not lose my money?
5.      Is it a pyramid?

1.         MMM is a scam!
Your answer : MMM is successfully works more than 4yrs in over 100 countries and has more than 130 million participants around the world . You can find  videos confirming that by searching “MMM pays” on You Tube

2.         Is it Legal?
Your answer : MMM is not a company, bank, HYIP or MLM program. It’s a community, a social network of people providing financial aid directly to each other by transferring their own money . It connects millions of participants worldwide -those who need help and those who are willing to provide help. Participants are providing help by their own good and absolutely gratis.
They are providing help with their own money from which all taxes have already been paid. There is NO law in any country that forbids people to share its money with others.

3.         Is it a Ponzi scheme?
Your answer : Unlike Ponzi scheme, MMM is clearly and openly explaining its operational processes , goals and aims. Participants are the only  source of financial aid provided to other participants. MMM works as a peer -to- peer software, helping to connect participants between each other.
MMM does not give any guarantees or promises for you to get help from others. On the contrary , it warns about the possibility of not getting any help, even if you provided help. MMM is being completely open and honest with its participants.

4.         How can I be sure that I will not lose my money?
Your answer : The best way to make yourself sure is to register and provide your first help with  a minimum amount allowed by the rules of MMM, which is 10 US dollar in order to check how MMM works . As a proof that people are really getting help from MMM, you may find videos by searching “ MMM pays” on You Tube  or check the letters of happiness posted daily in our website where people share their joy of having received help.

5.         Is it a pyramid?
Your answer : The uniqueness of MMM is that it has no person on top of the community who gets all the money. There’s also no single account where all money is stored. MMM uses exactly the same operational principles that all Banks , Pension Funds and Insurance company do- since incoming funds flow is provided only by the participants, The difference between MMM and the above stated financial institutions is that MMM is absolutely open and honest and it gives the possibility to simple people to have the same benefits that banker have.
All that is clearly stated on the MMM website along with the warning about the risks. Be open and honest with those you inviting to join the community.
Provide all the information about MMM and let them make their own decision.

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